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The Chain-Agnostic Standards Alliance:


CASA is a self-organized and autonomous alliance of crypto-blockchain developers and enthusiasts. Its aim is to create standards which support interoperability and facilitate communication between blockchain protocols, software and companies.

CASA organizes working groups where proposals are debated, drafted and published as “CAIPs” to harmonize development across developer communities.


All CASA meetings are open to the public, and non-members are welcome to attend respectfully/non-disruptively. In particular, the editorial meetings are a good onboarding and overview of all the more specific workstreams and conversations happening in parallel.

Meetings can be seen on the links thecasacalendar (subscribable via Google) and thepubliccasacalendar (display-only). See individual events for teleconferencing links and agenda links.

Explicit and Implicit Agendas

  1. Explicit agenda items, if any have been set by WG participants, can be found linked from events pages on the calendar.
  2. The implicit agenda, in addition to or absence of explicit agenda, is to review outstanding/mergeable PRs, active issues, draft PRs, and topics of general interest, in that order.
  3. Chairs or facilitators should always leave time for housekeeping, agenda requests for the following meeting, and open discussion.

Note: the purpose of the next meeting tag is to allow codeowners to prioritize or stack-rank additions. Codeowners and the broader membership alike are requested to use them to prioritize them in their review process to allow swift review. Approval by any 2 codeowners is enough to merge at a future meeting. In cases where a timely merge is desired, codeowners may also choose to apply a 14-day merge tag, which is a way of requesting more review for an approved PR (and to avoid a valid PR sitting unmerged across multiple meetings for lack of discussion).

Discord Server

For those who prefer realtime/social-style communications, we also run a Discord server, which is secondary and non-archival– it can be found using this Discord invite link (note: this link has a spam/crawler deterrent that requires manual removal - please make sure to review the URL).