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Working Groups

The primary function of C.A.S.A. is to host working groups that publish specifications and occasionally implementations or other software artefacts.

List of working groups

Working Group Scope Meeting Frequency Chair
Editorial New CAIPs and Namespaces every 4 weeks @bumblefudge
Addressing CAIP-2, -10, -19; URN/URI systems Sporadic/By request @bumblefudge
JSON-RPC CAIP-25, -27 Sporadic/By request @hmalik88
CACAO/AuthZ CAIP-74, -122, -168; varsig & multidid, interop with UCAN and ZCAP-LD every 4 weeks @bumblefudge/TBD
Browser Security CAIP-169, -171 Sporadic/By request @kdenhartog
Secure Design UX<>Security, Privacy every 4 weeks @depatchedmode

How to form a new working group

  1. Join CASA if you’re not already a member.
  2. Create a description that explains the goal of your working group and related CAIP(s).
  3. Submit a Pull Request to the CASA repository adding your working group.
  4. Propose your working group at the next editorial WG or in-person event. If approved, your PR will be merged, and your working group meeting schedule will be added to the CASA calendar.
  5. Recruit participants for your working group.